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      Page 11:  EXCURSIONS...Africa Beyond Gajogoland
At Gajogo Safarilands, safaris mean much more than just hunting.  They mean more than just cameras.  They mean finding adventure...and with Gajogo we start with getting you off the beaten path.   Welcome to adventure on steroids: for the people who want more out of Africa than just hunting, be it with a rifle, bow, or camera.  Who want to broaden their horizons and experience places beyond the hunt...without breaking the bank.  Gajogo customizes your desires with our knowledge to build a dream trip.  We can cater to the ladies, the honeymooners, the guys, the families, or all of the above.  Excursions get you out and about virtually anywhere you'd like to go and it includes transportation, friendly guides, experienced suggestions and we stay at your side (as much as you want) for the entire trip.  Transportation will be as needed for the trip...safari cruiser, sports utility vehicle, balloon, airplane, or on elephant...what ever it takes.  If you thirst for adventure, Gajogo is your fountain.  Come and drink.

Gajogo's Featured Excursion...Others available upon request




You and a companion will experience 12 days of the tastes, sights, sounds, and the flavor of the hunt by getting "off the beaten path" into remote Mozambique.  This all-inclusive unique hunting Safari features 5 nights in Gajogoland where Gajogo's Executive Chef "Ackim" will wine and dine you with gourmet meats hunted by "you."  Next, Gajogo guides you through Gorongosa National Park <link here> the "Pearl of Africa," for a fantastic 2 full-day/3 nights photo safari, and ends this 12 day excursion on the Indian Ocean at the romantic beach village of Vilankulo <link here> for 4 days/3 nights prior to your journey back to the USA from Vilankulo International airport.


PHASE ONE:  Hunt and Dine in Gajogoland; Days 1-6 (4 full-days, 5 nights)

Travel to wild Mozambique's Coutada 9 to experience a traditional African safari and hunt wild game (or request Gajogo to do this for you) that bestows the "Taste of Mozambique."   This unique cuisine features fine wines, unique starters, succulent meats, spicy sauces, dreamy desserts, and fine cordials while feasting your eyes on breathtaking views, and your palate on a taste never thought possible in Africa. Additionally, mingle with natives, see hundreds of wild animals, beautiful birds, exotic virgin timber, and magnificent rock formations; all designed for those who have a lust for adventure and splendor.


PHASE TWO:  Explore Gorongosa; Days 6-9 (3 days, 3 nights)

Travel by Safari cruiser to be guided through the remoteness of Gorongosa National Park.  Home of the "War Elephants" (as seen on the National Geographic Channel), these giants suffer from the effects of the 20 year revolutionary war which ended in 1992...they have never forgotten.  This is a unique, awesome, and unforgettable experience.  In addition, you will see thousands of birds and other animals in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Mostly undeveloped, this "gem in the rough" remains off the beaten path and is a must see to experience "old" Africa.  Gajogo will provide three days of safari cruiser guide service with driver and spotter, and premium luxury lodging, fine dining with cocktails, and park entry fees.  Personal expenses, snacks, and cocktails without dining are the responsibility of the buyer.


PHASE THREE:  Days 9-12 (4 days, 3 nights)

The final leg of your Excursion, and still off the beaten path will be to the romantic village of Vilankulo on the crystal clear waters of the warm Indian Ocean.  Gajogo will provide premium lodging at either the very quaint and elegant Casa Rex hotel <link here> or the very historic luxurious Dona Ana Hotel <link here> both are 4+ star and overlook the white sands and sparkling clear waters.  Explore the historic area, the empty white beaches, take in some deep-sea fishing, diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, or sleep in, bask in the sunshine and enjoy the unique Mozambican seafood cuisine.   Gajogo will loosely escort and guide as you return to civilization, and get you aboard your flights back to the USA. The premium luxury lodging, and fine dining with cocktails in Vilankulo are included in this wonderful adventure.  All add-on events (tours, diving, snorkeling, fishing, horseback riding, etc.), personal expenses, snacks and cocktails without dining are the responsibility of the buyer while in Vilankulo.


Disclaimers and specifics:

Gajogo Safarilands offers this 4 day/5 night management Safari complete with all-inclusive accommodations, usage of Gajogo's guns and bullets, and harvest fees for animals taken while in Gajogoland.


It further provides one cruiser, one spotter and one guide to escort 2 people too and through Gorongosa National Park, and onto Vilankulo and includes all lodging, fine dining (breakfast, lunch and dinner with cocktails), and Park entrance fees.  Further, Gajogo will make all arrangements for activities as per request of the buyer.  This safari offer does not cover the buyer's personal expenses, add-ons, snacks, cocktails (without dining), or airfare, lodging and meals prior to Tete, or after Vilankulo.  The animals taken are not trophy animals, and no part of these can be returned to the USA...including the meat. 


This safari is up-gradable to a Plainsgame Trophy Safari for $3000 plus trophy fees.  An additional person is welcomed at the buyer’s discretion as described exactly above for a flat rate of $2500 for one cruiser with 3 guests, and/or one additional couple for $9,600 with an additional cruiser (2 guests per cruiser), or both options (2 cruisers with 3 guests each).  Maximum of 3 guests per safari cruiser.  This safari is offered as published, but can easily be customized at an agreed price, and must include a $500 "Booking Fee." to validate the reservation and "save the date" as per Gajogo Safarilands' policy. 


Price: 12 Day Excursion:   $10,900 per couple

Daily Rates for Customized Camera Safaris & Excursions
  • Camera Safari Rates:  $300 per person per day ($500/couple), plus $250 per safari cruiser per day (stay within Coutada 9).
  • Camera Safari vehicle capacity:  maximum of 4 clients per vehicle
  • Excursion Safari Rates:  Customized Excursions:  $300 per person per day ($500/couple), plus $250 per vehicle per day, plus fees & accommodation (leave  Coutada 9-Tour guide, Driver, Spotter).  See "EXCURSION PRICES" above for package for additional inquires.
  • Excursion vehicle capacity:  maximum of 3 clients per vehicle.
Thank you for taking a virtual tour of Gajogo Safarilands' operation in Coutada 9, Mozambique, Africa.  Hopefully you found this sight both beneficial and enticingly beautiful in your consideration of exploring the "Dark Continent."  We invite you to visit this site periodically, as photographs are updated at random.  Also, feel free to contact us with any questions regarding Gajogoland or anything regarding Africa.  The "Contact Us"  template on Page 9, is provided for you as the quickest means to get information.  Thank you again for visiting, we look forward to providing you the adventure of new discoveries with rifle, camera, or excursion.  Gajogoland is truly one of Africa's last wild safari destinations.  So much so, that during the rainy season, it is not even accessible...except by air!  With Gajogo's accommodations being reminiscent of Africa's "Golden Age," it is our commitment to make your safari the dream of a lifetime.  It is calling.  Welcome to Africa!
                      --Gajogo Safarilands:  "Unique in Mozambique"---

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