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Renowned for its elephant and lion, Coutada 9 has been immortalized by the previously mentioned authors.   Specifically, it was the home of Adelino Serras Pires.  True to tradition, the tuskers have not left, and dispatching them has not become any easier.  Large ivory (greater than 60 lbs/side) is not out of the question, but the physical characteristics of the demanding topography limits this to hunters who are ready to step back in time, when nightfall did not necessarily find you back at camp, sore muscles were just an irritant, and hunters found themselves stretched out under millions of twinkling stars dreaming of what tomorrow would bring.   A large pride of lions inhabit the central area of the Coutada, while others satellite the edges for short periods.  Beautiful big black maned “Kings” are encountered routinely, to disappear and then turn up a few weeks later in hopes of taking over the pride. This predictability has proven advantageous to bagging monsters each year since Gajogo initially began operations.    Leopards immerse themselves into the many 'kopjies' (rock-outcroppings), and cunningly avoid contact with people, surviving on the numerous warthogs that seem to be everywhere.  The most cantankerous of the big five to inhabit Gajogoland is the cape buffalo.  They are always elusive, but their trophy quality is superb.  The remaining Big 5 animal, the rhino, no longer inhabits this area because of its decimation during the Mozambique Civil war from 1972 through 1992.  But that too will change, as plans are underway for Gajogo Safarilands with its partners to reintroduce these and other species that fell prey to the carnage of war.

                                                                                            Below:  2013 Monster Lion taken Coutada 9
                                                                                      Taken by Armand Sep 1, 2013 with Gajogo Safarilands
2012 Lion taken on Coutada 9                                                                                       2010 Lion taken on Coutada 9.                                                                            Courtesy of Western Safaris                                                                                                                                                              Courtesy of Western Safaris 
   Above:  A 40#+  Elephant taken by Jim.   2012                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Photo courtesy Mokore Safaris                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


In addition to its dangerous game, plainsgame run roughshod throughout Gajogoland.  Complimenting high populations of monster Kudu, Eland, Impala, Sable, Zebra, Bushbuck and others, Mozambique's 'Little Five' are also prevalent.  Some of the more unique species such as Oribi, Suni, Common Duiker,  Red Duiker, Grysbok, Nyala, and Lichtenstein Hartebeest are found in large numbers with great representations of trophy class.  See Gajogo Price Guidelines for trophy availability and restrictions regarding import/export of certain species. 
Above:  Kris's beautiful Ivory Tipped 56" Kudu.  2011.

Above:  Diane's gorgeous 57" Deep Curled Kudu.  2012
Above:  Hunter's Magnificent 57" Kudu with shallow curls.  2012
Above:  Hunter and Sven's "joint effort" on this dasterdly elusive Grusbok.  This may look small, but it's a Monster.  A very difficult and rewarding trophy.  2012.
Above:  Kelly's huge 6.8" Oribi, taken at night...very exciting.   2011.
Above:  Hunter's wonderful 5" Common Duiker.  2012.

                          ITS CAMPS…

Gajogo camps are a reflection of its yearning for the past.  Rustic and simple, our thatched camps are a far cry from the concrete world that most clients have left far behind.  Yet, they have all the amenities with en-suite toilets, shower, and comfy beds with bedding (not sleeping bags) and mosquito netting.  Living is easy.  Laundry is done and properly ironed (with ember heated irons) and folded everyday.  Food will be prepared to order in “anthill ovens” or over open fire with samples or main courses prepared from the game animals you harvest during your safari.  Cocktails, beer, wine, and any specialty requests (within reason) will be available waiting for you upon your return to the campfire to relax and assimilate your thoughts about your day’s adventures in the bush.   One last thing,  unique to Gajogo, only one party is permitted to utilize Gajogo at a time.  So you never have to worry about who else might be in camp.  When you're in Gajogoland, you are our center of focus, and it all belongs to you.   

Above:  Gajogo's Typical 'Thatched' Chalet with comfy beds, mosquito nets, shower, toilet, and sink.  Below:  Outside view of same Chalet.                   
Above:  Camp Parking 2012                                                                                                           
Above:  Trees keep things a bit more cool during the hot days in Africa. 2012                                                 
Above:  Gajogo's newest Chalet gains access across a quaint bridge.  2012                                    
Above:  Gajogo's pantry, with newest Chalet in background.  2012 
Above:  Gajogo's Oven...makes bread and other dishes mouth-wateringly delicious.  Everything, of course, is from scratch...native secret.                                       
Above:  Gajogo's Cook-Top.  Everything you eat is from an open fire...Ummmm, Ummmm  Ummmm...Mouth-watering!

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