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Above:  Mark's Trophy 15" Bushbuck.  2012

Do to the absolute large diversity of terrain within Gajogoland, there is no “absolute” sighting system that meets all requirements all of the time.  Typically, most shots would fall into the 50-100 yard range, but it is not unusual to fire out to 200 yards, or be as close as 10 yards.  Shots could be in wide-open savanna or in the thick jess.  Regardless of your sight choice it is important that you practice both off-hand and on “sticks” to become extremely proficient in all varieties of shooting conditions. Remember to practice working your rifle's action for quick reloading without bringing your rifle from its shoulder mounted position (bolt, lever, or pump actions).  If you prefer a scope, ensure that a relatively low power setting is available (i.e.:  1-5X, 2-7X, at most 3-9X, as the greater the scope power, the more you limit your ability to shoot accurately at close range in thick jess). Optical sights work fine, but be sure to bring spare batteries.  Most importantly:  practice, practice, practice!!!

Above:  Sven's Old Sable Bull.  Note one horn had been broken off, and a poacher's bullet made of 1/2" Re-bar was healed in just under the skin on its right side.  A fine Trophy.  2012.


Gajogo Safarilands strongly recommends that you shoot a combination of solid and soft point bullets to ensure optimum take-down performance for dangerous game.  Plainsgame may be harvested using only soft point bullets. Gajogo endorses Hornady Products.  Link to: <> for information.  Hornady DGS®, DGX®, GMX®, Interlock®, Vmax®, and LeveRevolution FTX® are recommended while Trophy Bonded, Barnes-X, and Swift-A-Frame are also good bullet choices.  Bring as many (up to 60 rounds/gun for Mozambique [limit of 5Kg/11lbs]) as country regulations permit.  Be sure that they are properly packaged and counted accurately and are in a lockable hard case that can be taken from your personal luggage and shipped separately as may be required in  transits through different countries.

Above:  Another old Kudu Bull.  This one the Lions were killing and the guys chased them off. Unable to get up, a bullet finished their job.  Wonderful Specimen...note broomed horn tips.
Above:  "Properly Recognized" with blood painted on his cheeks and forehead, young Nicholas bags his first African animal; a splendid Warthog.  2012.
Right:  An old pro, young Billy bags his first Baboon (second animal) with  PH Ed.  Baboons are very plentiful in Gajogoland, and are good prey for   Leopard.  2012.
Below:  Jimmy bagged this magnificent "Crawshay's" Zebra.  Note that the stripes are most distinct, with no shadow stripe and a more vivid contrast.  Crawshay's zebra are unique to Coutada 9 and the vicinity such as Gorongosa National Park.


Gajogo Safarilands recommends strongly that clients bring their own firearms which must include a big bore of 375 H & H Magnum or larger for game such as cape buffalo, lion, elephant, and leopard. Smaller calibers are acceptable for plainsgame, but keep in mind some plainsgame such as Eland might weigh up to 1800 lbs. so err on the side of "bring enough gun."  Shotguns are required if you plan to shoot birds and very effective in bagging any of the "Little Five".  Handguns are permitted, as are bows.  Gajogo's guns and bullets are included in your All-Inclusive Hunt Rate.  However, personal gun and bullets taxes and fees related to the import of privately owned guns are the responsibility of clients.  Gajogo's guns are also available at no cost if a client’s guns gets lost in transit [lost luggage] enroute to Gajogoland. 

Remember, only three (3) guns are permitted for import into Mozambique.  No more than two (2) can be rifles.  Gun cleaning and care will be handled by the Gajogo staff once your guns are in camp.   
Below:  Hunter's fabulous 23" Impala.  2012

Below:  Coutada 9 massive "King," Lion taken in 2011.
                                                                                                                              Photo Courtesy "Mokore Safaris"

Guns owned by clients must be temporarily imported into Mozambique for hunting (as well as South Africa if you come through Johannesburg).  Therefore, both import procedures must be followed.  Gajogo will accomplish this for you, but will require proof of ownership via US Customs Form 4457 "Certificate Registration for Personal Effects Taken Abroad." It is available at most customs Offices' (or link here). Your guns (and other valuables, I.e.: cameras computers, watches, etc) must be physically presented to "Customs" for registration (no permanent record is kept), and the form must be stamped by them to be valid (if possible, get an "original" duplicate and send it to Gajogo as a backup).  This US Customs Form is required to bring guns "into" Africa, as well as "back" into the USA.  Now here are the restrictions that matter to you:  only 2 rifles and 1 shotgun can be imported per licensed hunter, neither can be any variant of an autoloader, and only 60 rounds of ammunition per gun can be imported with your firearms (5 kg [11lbs] maximum).   And they must be in their own locked, yes locked hard case that may be carried inside your personal checked baggage.
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