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Round trip transportation to Gajogoland from your commercial air destination is included in the Hunt Rate assuming it is only one leg.  For both hunting safaris, other transportation rates or fees will be assessed when it is necessary to move from one hunting concession to another (this does not include fees for additional Safari cruisers).  "Travel" days after the commencement of your safari are considered "hunting" days.  All transfers and transport will be accomplished as either air or ground depending upon the requirements of Gajogo.


Commonly called MARS (Medical Air Rescue Service), Gajogo strongly suggests purchasing this service, because even though you probably won’t use it, it will probably save your life if you do. There are a handful of top quality Medical Evacuation Companies with which you can contract medical evacuations.  In most cases this will be from a commercial airport.  Gajogo’s closet airport, Tete, is about 5 hours from camp, we therefore recommend Global Rescue.  It is the only rescue company that we are aware of that will pick you up in the field, and they will do it for not only medical reasons, but other emergency reason’s as well…even political unrest.  Link here for more information.

Below:  Out for a drive

Above:  Sven and Hunter enjoying the vista at a "Sundowner".                                 


Yellow Fever vaccinations may be required in Mozambique, and other vaccinations are suggested.  Malaria is very prevalent within Gajogoland and it is essential that anti-malaria prophylaxis are taken.  Tsetse flies also frequent the area and insect repellent containing a significant percentage of DEET is suggested.  There will be a lot of walking!  Consult your health provider for guidance as to your personal health requirements or restrictions.  Gajogo can amend its hunting style and has accommodations to meet almost any special requirement.  Link here for latest information from the CDC.


Your safari is by nature potentially hazardous and filled with many dangers.  We will do our best to keep you safe during your safari, but, because of the dynamics of safari operations, we can not guarantee your safety at all times and it is essential that you follow the advice provided by your PH, safari operator, camp manager, and/or camp staff.  Gajogo Safarilands, LLC, and Gajogo Safarilands Mozambique, Lda, accept no responsibility or liability for any illness, accident, firearms discharge resulting in injury or death, criminal violence, political violence, knife injury, transportation injury or death, animal attack, animal bite, floral cuts, irritations, infections or allergic reactions from same, or any loss whatsoever or expense arising from such, during or after the completion of your safari.

Below:  Selecting delectable peices of Chicken for treats for the road.
Above:  With learner's permit in pocket, Evan tries his hand at driving the river      bottoms.  No...he never once killed the engine, never!                                               
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