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SINCE 2015:  DAILY RATES…are now HUNT RATES for your ENTIRE HUNT!                                                                                                    *ALL INCLUSIVE!!!*
                                                   NO MORE HIDDEN COSTS !!!

Items included in your Hunt Rate:  New in 2015, prices are ALL INCLUSIVE.  Now ONE Hunt Rate that covers the entire cost of your hunt (not by "the day" with add-ons).  This includes all food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, laundry, full lodging accommodations, laundry, "fold-down" and House Boy Service, usage of a 4-wheel drive safari cruiser with driver, services of a PH, gun bearers, trackers, spotters, skinners, and field and camp assistants. Your HUNT Rate now also includes:  Transportation to/from Gajogoland from Tete airport, hunting licenses, the use of Gajogo's guns and bullets, one nights "Post Safari" stay at Tete's exquisite Park Inn Hotel <Link here> by Radisson (or ≥4 Star equivalent) with dinner and cocktails, 17% government Value Added Sales Tax (VAT) on safari services, and all misc taxes and fees.  It further covers field preparation of trophies to strict standards and covers delivery to our local taxidermist/importer/exporter who will prepare them and ship them to your country of choice.  Although Gajogo financial obligation ends at this point, Gajogo's commitment does not stop there.  At no cost to you, Gajogo stays involved behind the scenes to insure that your trophies are handled both expeditiously and professionally, insuring that CITES permits, Export Permits, Veterinarian Permits, and Freight Companies are all coordinated to get your trophies to you in good order.  Please be advised however, this process generally takes at least 9 months.  Lastly, photos are gathered and provided to you to insure that your memories of your adventure are permanently available to you.  If you ever lose those pictures, Gajogo probably has copies available for you.   Gajogo is "Unique in Mozambique."

*Items not included in your Hunt Rate:  Your Hunt Rate does not cover your round trip airline ticket or any expenses related to your arrival at Tete, Mozambique, Trophy fees for animals taken or wounded (draw Blood), personal gun/bullet permits, taxes or fees, post safari trophy preparation/taxidermy fees (dip & pack, import/export, shipping, mounting), Medical Air Rescue Service (MARS), and any gratuity you may wish to offer.  Gajogo assists in completing all of your travel requirements (visas, airline, gun import, hotel arrangements,etc), but does not cover those costs. 


Upon booking your safari, a $500 "Booking Fee" is due as earnest money to "save the date" and will be credited toward Hunt Rate at the completion of your safari.  A deposit of 50% of your total hunt rate is required 45 days after booking your safari, which coincides with finalization and signatures of your Safari Contract.  The final 50% deposit of your total hunt rate is due 6 months prior to the commencement of your safari.  All payments are due within 30 days of the due date, or your safari is subject to cancellation do to lack of payment.  The "Booking Fee" is non-refundable for lack of any payment.  Your "Final Safari Invoice" which includes Trophy fees from animals killed (or wounded, draw blood) is payable upon receipt.  Your trophies may be "held" awaiting payment in full of your "Final Safari Invoice" (Gajogo is not responsible for damage to trophies pending extended delays awaiting this payment, and after one year, reserves the right to dispose of the trophies by any legal means).  Hunt rates become locked upon commencement of your safari unless you choose to "move-up/upgrade" the Hunting Category of your safari (this increases the total Hunt Rate cost of your Safari by hunting or harvesting a higher valued Hunting Category trophy animal).  Trophy fee rates are based upon the Gajogo Safarilands Price Guidelines for the year that your safari commences, which can be different from the price originally quoted when booked.  Gajogo Safarilands does accept credit cards with 3% fee, and Personal Cheques, Certified Cheques, Traveler's Cheques, Money Orders, Bank Wires, Electronic Transfers, or Cash are all acceptable.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  Payments should be made in USA dollars to:  Gajogo Safarilands, LLC (unless otherwise arranged).

Below:  Bill's awesome Bushpig.  2012.
Below:  Kris and Kelly with his beautiful 36" Sable.  2011.


Refunds are provided based upon the commencement of your safari as defined in your Safari Contract.  Upon signature of your Safari Contract (or 1 year prior to your safari commencement date), your booking fee is forfeited for any cancellation. A full refund of all deposits will be provided if cancelled prior to 6 months. If cancelled between 6 and 3 months, 50% of paid deposits will be refunded.  If you cancel inside of 3 months of your hunt commencement, all paid deposits and fees are forfeited.  Gajogo will however, gladly work with you to try to reschedule your safari to a date that is mutually agreed (within the next year only).  A $500 re-booking fee will apply to reschedule any safari once the contract is signed.

Above:  Kelly's magnificant Impala.  2011.


So how much is the "proper" amount to tip?  Well, there is no right answer, but to save a lot of angst, here's a guideline that you can use (or discard).  In either case it might give you a starting point.  First, a few of general rules: 1) there is no requirement to tip anybody, and if you do tip, not everybody needs to get tipped the 'same' amount;  2) tip only people who deserve tips (tell your safari operator, who didn't get tipped, so that his problems can be fixed before his next safari);  3) if possible, tip personally (don't give tips to be doled out by management) and take your time...put meaning into your effort;  4) work with your Safari Operator early, so dollars can be exchanged into local currancy...the guys really appreciate that, because they have to get to town to exchange, and that's not easy.  So here's the middle of the road gouge for a tip for someone who is doing a very reasonable job:

PH's:  $50/day;  Trackers, Spotters, Gun bearers (with you in the Cruiser and on foot):  $10/day;  Skinner and Chef:  $8/day;  Waiters, House Boys (laundry, cleaning, etc):  $7/day;  Game Scouts, Assistant Skinners, Assistant Cooks, Receptionist:  $5/day;  and finally, everyone else:  $3/day.  Any Management tipping is strictly optional and generally not accomplished.  And finally, some folks prefer to just tip based on a percentage of Total Trophy fee...say 15%.   Really, it is up to you!

Now a thought about budgetting for all of this.  Here are the numbers on Gajogo's staff:  One each PH, Tracker, Spotter (doubles as gun bearer if requested), Skinner, Chef, Assistant Skinner, Assistant Cook; Waiter, Receptionist.  Three each House Boys, and lastly 12  Game Scouts, who do all Gajogo's patrolling for poachers.  Working it all out, assuming you tipped everyone, it comes to about $160/day for tipping.  So, there's a number that you can plug into your budget and massage as necessary.  Remember, tipping is your tool to reward those who have excelled in making your safari great. 


Gajogo Safarilands will have purchased your hunting license on your behalf prior to commencement of your safari.  Tags are issued on a strict “quota basis.”  There are no guarantees of tag availability other than what was contracted, once your safari commences.  Currently the following species qualify for trophy hunting tags within Gajogo Safarilands: Cape Buffalo, *Elephant, Leopard, Lion, Zebra, Crocodile, Sable, Reedbuck, Nyala, Kudu, Eland, Warthog, Bushpig, Bushbuck, Impala, Baboon, Lichtenstein Hartebeest, Oribi, Common Duiker, Red Duiker, Suni, Sharpe's Grysbok, *Franklin Grouse, and *Guinea Fowl.

*Currently not exportable into the US

Below:  Evan with his first African Animal.  A beautiful Warthog.  2012.

Below:  Hunter with his 14" old Bushbuck.  2012.
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