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Below:  Beautiful Woman and Mom's...the same the world over...

Gajogo is uniquely blessed to have native villages within in its operations area.  During transport to camp you will travel through a few. These villages have not changed in appearance from that golden age of long ago, nor have the people in large degree.  Women are now usually covered; painted skin and native dress have given way to more “normal” attire. But their spirit has not changed a great deal.  They still enjoy life in its simplest means…grass huts, items carried on their heads, babies' heads bobbing as they are precariously strapped upon their mothers’ backs, and smiles more bright than the golden sunsets.  Gajogo has these folks raise our vegetables; they are our camp staff, cooks, trackers, skinners, drivers, and all in all provide the very foundation of what you have come to Africa to experience.  We will provide the opportunity to meet and mingle with these people in their villages on their terms to truly see the Africa that few ever do.   No gimmicks…just life.

Below:  Kids.       Middle:  A cooking hut.        Next:   A woman carrying her weight.     Bottom:  A Tracker at work.                   
-- Gajogo Safarilands:  "Unique in Mozambique" --

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