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Gajogo Safarilands, LLC
68398 Third River Rd#1
Squaw Lake, MN  56681

Gajogo Safarilands Mozambique, Lda
Coutada 9, Macossa, Manica Province
Mozambique, Africa

Email: <>
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Phone USA:
218 659-4659...Cell USA or Africa 952 818-0514

REFERENCES.  Last name(s) & address(s) withheld for security considerations.  Feel free to contact them:
    ••Kelly and Kris Safaried in August, 2011
          Reside in Wyoming, USA
            Telephone: 307 272-2594
    ••Bill and Billy Safaried in June, 2012 & 2013 & 2014
          Reside in North Dakota, USA
            Telephone 701 799-3125
    ••Mark Safaried in June, 2012
          Resides in Minnesota, USA
            Telephone:  218 573-2956
    ••Sven and Hunter Safaried in July & August, 2012
           Reside Minnesota, USA
             Telephone:  651 247-9872
    ••Diane, Duane, Evan and Nicholas Safaried in August 2012
           Reside South Dakota, USA
             Telephone:  605 366-1829
    ••Armand Safaried in Aug/Sep 2013
          Resides in Minnesota
              Telephone:  612 508-1956
    ••Brian Photo Safaried in Aug, 2013
           Resides in Minnesota
               Telephone:  218 326-1308
    ••Jimmy Safaried in October, 2013
           Resides in Minnesota
               Telephone:  952 472-2000
    ••Bud Safaried in Jun/Jul 2014
           Resides in North Dakota
                Telephone:  701 886-7727
    ••Missy and Greg Safaried in Aug/Sep 2014
            Reside in Louisiana 
                 Telephone:  318 335-1385
    ••Gary Safaried in July 2015
            Resides in North Dakota
                 Telephone 701 238-3377
    ••Lee Safaried in Jul/Aug 2015
            Resides in Minnesota
                  Telephone 218 838-4917
    ••Robin and Mike Safaried in Aug 2015
            Reside in Minnesota
                  Telephone 218 328-6158
    ••Pam and Krystel Excursioned in Oct 2015
            Reside in Wisconsin
                  Telephone  612 747-6626
    ••Doug Safaried in Oct 2015
            Resides in Minnesota
                  Telephone  320 229-3997
    ••Grant and Charity Safaried in Aug 2016
            Reside in Montana
                   Telephone 406 240-2864
    ••Larry Safaried in Sep 2016
            Resides in Michigan
                   Telephone 616 453-8120
    ••Kevin Safaried in Oct 2016
            Resides in Minnesota
                   Telephone 320 629-6737
    ••Tom Safaried in Oct 2016
            Resides in Minnesota
                   Telephone 651 238-9029


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We are pleased that you have considered Gajogo Safarilands as your Safari Operator.  It is our commitment to exceed your every safari dream, and turn professional relationships into friendships.  Whether pursuing an elephant with a rifle, stocking a lion with a camera, or just relaxing around the campfire telling stories, we want your safari to be the adventure of your lifetime.

Welcome to Africa!  From the Founders of Gajogo Safarilands LLC, and Gajogo Safarilands Mozambique, Lda.

Gary and JoDee Goltz  

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